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Riccardo Mainolfi

Hand made knives


To page 10 of the number 19 - Decembers 2006/January 2007 of the review "Knives" (www.armimagazine.it), Luigi Tumulo have introduced an interesting article on my knives.

To the Culter Expo di Novegro (November 2006) I have received from the review "Blades of author" (www.coltellionline.it) in collaboration with www.knivescollection.com the prize for the better fixed blade classic.

To the Roccagiovine Expo (2010) I recive the prize for the best fixed blade

To Scarperia I have received in the years more prizes for my fixed blades


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Positano - Italy

phone +39 3493586416 e-mail: r.mainolfi@libero.it