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Riccardo Mainolfi

Hand made knives



For those who want to approach the world of knife building and are interested in some help I advise these books. Also check American forums and American magazine, like "Blade", and Italian magazines, "Coltelli" and "Lame d’autore". 


Specific books for fixed blade construction

How to make knife - R.W. Loveless, R.W. Barney

Step-by-step Knifemaking - David Boye

$50 knife shop - W. Goddard's


Specific books for folder construction

The tactical folding knife - Bob Terzuola (tactical liner lock)

How to make folding knife - R. Lake, F. Centofante, W. Clay (how to make lock back knife)


Sharpening book

The razor edge books of sharpening - J. Juranitch


Other books

Custom Knifemaking - T. McCreight (generic text, fixed blade and folder)

The craft of the Japanese sword - Leon and Hiroko Kapp (indications on the katana construction)

Living on the Edge - Weyer & Williams (the life and some of the works of Bob Loveless)

R.W. Loveless - Luigi Peppini (the Master Knifemaker seen with the eyes of a Friend/collector)

Stainless steel - G. Of Caprio, Hopli publisher (book in Italian language, on the heat treatments of martensistici stainless steels)


Instructional video

Making a Sub-hilt Fighter - with S.R. Johnson - Manti, Utah

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