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Riccardo Mainolfi

Hand made knives


The knife has been the inseparable companion of human evolution. 

The knife, in its essence, was invented  from the first chipped stones and separates Homo Faber from the previous hominidi. An uninterrupted line that begins with pieces of selce, scrapings, blades and amigdale, and materials that have evolved in  time. Selce, obsidian, bones and animal horns, giada, branch, bronze, all the way up to the steel of our days, and maybe in the future with ceramics and compost materials. But the essence of the knife has always remained the same one:

 One blade

In the  age of advanced technology like ours, nothing has been able to replace the knife.

There hasn’t been a single human which hasn’t used a knife in his lifetime.. Neither is there a family which has never used a knife.

Perhaps the fascination with the knife by man derives from this continous line, from this common history.

Riccardo Mainolfi


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Positano - Italy

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